Pass the Rubber Band


Pass the Rubber Band

About This Resource

Summary A quick game that challenges students to practice focus, patience, and mindful movement.



Lesson Plan: Pass the Rubber Band Grade level: 2-6; Age range: 7-11
Time: 10-20 minutes Tasks: Moving mindfully, developing focus and patience.



  • Straws or sticks
  • Rubber bands


  1. Sit in a circle and set the atmosphere with music.
  2. Begin with basic mindful movements to calm and settle the children.
  3. Inform the children that, in a moment, we will be using only our ears, eyes, and hands.
  4. Slowly lay out the sticks in the middle of the room and, one at a time, invite the children to come and choose one and return to their seat, placing the stick on the floor.
  5. Pick up the rubber band and demonstrate with both of your hands how to transfer the rubber band from one stick to another. Do this a few times if necessary.
  6. Pass the rubber band to the left around the circle, until it comes back to you.
  7. Complete another round if the children are calm and focused.
  8. Finish with some mindful movements, if the children are able to.
  9. Reflect on who wanted to use their hands to make it easier, asking some questions and allowing them to silently raise their hands.

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