Resources for Children and Teens based on the 16 Guidelines

Boundary Walk

In this lesson from the first thematic unit of the year, Taking Your Seat, students walk the boundary of the campus.

Happy Toolbox for Kids

Designed for parents, carers, family members, teachers and anyone who works with children between 5 and 11 years old, The Happy Toolbox offers a taster of activities to explore mindfulness and ethical values in a playful way with children.

Ways to Celebrate the Lunar New Year

Activities, rituals, books, and art projects from the Middle Way School for learning about the Lunar New Year and planning your own celebrations. 

Protect the World

When a group of young people concerned about climate change came together at a hip hop recording workshop in Kyogle (regional NSW, Australia), the result was the song "Protect the World".

How’s the Weather Inside and Outside?

Our emotions and feelings are like the weather, ever-changing and dependent on many causes and conditions. This unit helps students understand their emotions and the impermanent nature of phenomena, while teaching coping skills and strategies, and ultimately cultivating self-awareness, compassion, and improved focus.
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