Book Review: Bodhi Sees the World


Book Review: Bodhi Sees the World

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Summary This books takes us on a colorful adventure with Bodhi and her mother to Bangkok, Thailand, where they explore themes of language, culture, routine, ritual, kindness, compassion and bodhicitta. Recommended for children ages 3 – 7.


Read along as Bodhi goes to Thailand for the first time. In the story, Bodhi feels out of place on her vacation at first but after a visit to a temple, she slows down and starts to appreciate what she’s taking in with all her senses. She notices the beautiful offerings people make, the sounds and the smells. She notices differences and appreciates the similarities between her home and this far away place. We love how this book brings children into the everyday rituals of Thailand. The “seek and find” section in the beginning, and “about Bangkok” section at the end gave children something extra to engage with. After reading at the Middle Way School, we did an activity with our 3rd graders, asking them what is the difference between a ritual and a routine. They made lists of things they do at home and investigated their attitudes toward these actions, how does it feel to put up holiday decorations versus brushing teeth? How could we change out attitude so that brushing teeth can also feel like a ritual? The book worked very well for our Bodhicitta unit, during which we do a life release like Bodhi does in the book. It’s also great for our Lineage unit, where we explore where our ancestors came from. We hope Bala publishes more in this series. We want to follow Bodhi around the world! Good for ages 3-7.

Title: Bodhi Sees the World
Author-Illustrator: Marisa Aragón Ware
Publisher: Bala Kids, a project of Shambhala Publications

From the publisher: “Bodhi is high above the clouds, in a plane on her way to Thailand. She’s never been to the city named Bangkok, and she’s not certain what sights, sounds, and experiences await her there. Stepping into the streets, Bodhi suddenly finds herself a long way from home and not sure if she belongs in this new place. The city is a symphony of noises with horns beeping, engines roaring, and people speaking in Thai.

But after visiting the golden temple and quieting her mind, Bodhi begins to see that Thailand is not that different from home after all. Trees still grow tall, kids play games just like her friends, and a smile is the same in every language. With this new outlook, Bodhi opens her heart to the kindness and compassion already within and realizes that even though she is far away from the place she calls home, she is right where she belongs amongst the busy streets, Loi Krathong celebrations, and floating markets of Bangkok. 3-7 years

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