Living Models

After incorporating in 2017, MWE invested all of its time and resources in launching The Middle Way School of the Hudson Valley (MWS), which opened in September 2018 and is now a thriving independent pre-k to 6th grade Buddhist school for children in Upstate New York. Offering a constructivist, inquiry-based, progressive academic program for students ages 3-12, MWS is recognized by the New York State Department of Education. It is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and meets common core standards. The purpose of MWS is to serve as a laboratory to research and develop a complete model of Buddhist education. It is an exemplar, a living model of what is possible when the dharma is introduced to children in a thoroughly modern environment. It has been very successful and was voted “Best Elementary School in the Hudson Valley” by a local poll. In 2022 the school welcomed 90+ students and more than 20 teachers and staff. 

The school relies on MWE teacher training, thematic units, and its Three Spheres structure while providing a feedback loop through action research. The teachers develop and document how the various MWE materials take hold and provide expert inputs to refine and build the model. These materials are made available on our resource page. Thus far, MWE’s emerging curriculum framework has been embraced by MWS teachers and meaningful outcomes for the students are being documented. 

Tours can be arranged. Contact [email protected].