Book Review: Monster Parade


Book Review: Monster Parade

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Summary We want to set children up for success when introducing them to meditation practices so playfulness is on order. The Monster Parade: A Book about Feeling All Your Feelings and Then Watching Them Go by Wendy O'Leary with illustrations by Noémie Gionet Landry (Bala Kids 2022) is a wonderful and playful way to approach the idea that feelings and thoughts are fleeting.


Like a parade, they can be colorful and surprising and very alluring, but they come and go. The book is not too long and not too short, written in sweet prose with images the children seem to love.

Landry paints an inviting world where all kinds of goofy monsters are lurching down the street in a parade, representing our constant thought stream. when children notice that those thoughts and feelings come and go, they can feel less trapped and stuck. The rhyming prose makes this a great read aloud. Monster Parade could actually be used as an entry point for adults as well.

Title: Monster Parade
Author: Wendy O’Leary
Illustrator: Noémie Gionet Landry
Publisher: Bala Kids / Shambhala
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