The King of the Keys


The King of the Keys

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Summary A game that gets students to practice mindful listening and mindful movement.



Lesson Plan: The King of the Keys  Grade level: 4-6; Age range: 9-11
Time: 20 minutes Tasks: Listening mindfully, moving mindfully.



  • One chair
  • A set of keys
  • Blindfold


A child (playing a fox) tries to quietly take a set of keys from underneath a chair without being noticed by a blindfolded child (“Mr. Blind Security Man”) who is sitting on the chair, protecting the keys. Mr. Blind Security Man uses his sense of hearing to try to spot the fox coming to get the keys by pointing at the fox before the keys are taken.


  1. Set the mood and calm and relax the children.
  2. Tell the children a story to introduce to the scene (e.g. “Once upon a time, there was a big castle in the deep forest. One day, the king and queen went away to the town. The king and queen told Mr. Blind Security Man, ‘Please leave the keys underneath the chair and make sure the keys are kept safe. Watch out for foxes. They are very sneaky. They come quietly, one by one, so you might not even notice them. Their favorite toys are keys, so make sure the keys are safe.’”
  3. Put a chair and keys in the middle of the circle.
  4. Emphasize that foxes are very careful and move very quietly.
  5. Demonstrate how to move like a fox (hands and knees on the floor) towards the chair.
  6. Get the children to move like a fox (can be done one by one, in a small group, or all together).
  7. Demonstrate how to pass the keys without making them rattle.
  8. Get the children to pass the keys around the circle carefully without making noise.
  9. Two teachers demonstrate how the game works.
  10. Select a child to be Mr. Blind Security Man. Get him or her to sit on the chair with a blindfold.
  11. Pick a child to be the fox.
  12. Play the game, and repeat for as long as appropriate.

Note: Encourage the children to control their voices even when the game gets very exciting.




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