Guided Meditation Using the Breath


Guided Meditation Using the Breath

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Summary A guided loving kindness meditation using the breath as an anchor.
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Guided Meditation Using the Breath

Sitting comfortably with your body still and relaxed, stable like a mountain. Breathing naturally and your mind is spacious and peaceful. Taking a moment to remember to have a kind attitude and good motivation for doing this meditation.

“May I be well, may I be happy.
May you be well, may you be happy.
May everyone be well, may everyone be happy”

Now bringing your attention lightly to the sensations of breathing in your tummy, noticing the rise and fall of the tummy with each in-breath and out-breath… (Pause)

Placing the hands on the tummy for a few breaths can help to focus your attention. Noticing movement and any other sensations as you breathe in and out… (Pause)

If your mind drifts off, that’s no problem, just notice that you are distracted and bring your attention back to the breath… whatever thoughts and emotions arise, allowing them to rise and settle again, just like the waves in the ocean. Continuing for a short while in your own space and rhythm… (Pause)

Now letting go of watching your breath, simply relaxing.

At the end dedicating your meditation for someone you know who is not well, who is suffering…

And finally dedicating the goodness from this practice for the well-being and happiness of everyone and for peace in the world.

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