A Morning Prayer for Children to Start Their Day

July 17, 2020
Our advisor Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche provided the seed statement for this prayer for children to say in the morning. More will be published as part of a children's prayer book later in 2020. 

6 Ways to Stay Connected in a Space of Wisdom

May 1, 2020
The Middle Way School and the Rigpé Yeshé Children Programme got together to think about families around the globe who are adjusting to a whole new way of being together. They came up with a list of suggestions and activities to connect as a family, in a space of wisdom.

Guided Meditation Using the Breath

March 27, 2020
A guided loving kindness meditation using the breath as an anchor.

Loving Kindness Practice for Children During these Challenging Times

March 27, 2020
In this difficult moment of the global coronavirus pandemic, here is a loving kindness practice to do at home with children.

Calming the Mind and Overcoming Anxiety with Kirsten DeLeo

March 25, 2020
A guided loving-kindness practice to help us calm our minds, find stability, and open our hearts.

5 Tips for Mindful Parenting

March 18, 2020
Advice for bringing more mindfulness, awareness, and compassion into parenting.

Goodnight Metta: A Bedtime Meditation for Kids

February 27, 2020
A bedtime metta practice for children.

Seeding the Heart: Loving-kindness Practice with Children (Full Book)

February 11, 2020
A short book about lovingkindness practice and how to adapt and introduce it to children of all ages.