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Tea Parties

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Summary Hosting tea parties is a fun way to engage children in the practice of serving and being served. This role-playing activity does require quite a bit of preparation and a minimum of 2 teachers/guides.


Duration 30 minutes

One of the ways we show love and respect is through service. At the Middle Way School of the Hudson Valley,  MWE has experimented with ways to engage children in the practice of serving and being served through tea parties. Students really seem to enjoy participating. 

This lesson is adaptable for all ages and helps children understand the significance of atmosphere, etiquette, awareness, and attitude. With some careful teacher preparation and guidance, students will quickly learn to enjoy the exchange between the host who offers the tea and the guest who reciprocates with a simple offering and their natural attention.

Students pick a random number from a pile which determines if they are a Guest or a Host and are paired with another student. All of the Guests go with one teacher to create a quick art project to bring to their tea party – we recommend a tissue flower or origami. The Hosts go about setting up a beautiful table for their guests and are guided to think about the atmosphere they are trying to establish. Then the tea party begins! Students’  level of involvement in the actual making of the tea is left up to the teacher, depending on the students’ ages and developmental stages. More detail below. The activity is easily connected to other domains of learning such as exploring the history of tea, the science of boiling water, language studies, contemplative practices, art projects and more. 

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