Students explaining Atisha’s Mind-Training Slogans (Index)


Students explaining Atisha’s Mind-Training Slogans (Index)

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Summary An index of videos students from the Middle Way School have made, explaining Atisha's Lojong (mind-training) slogans. More are coming!


These slogans were developed by Atisha Dipamkara Shrijñana, (982-1054) a great Indian master and scholar, who taught at the Buddhist university of Vikramashila. Our friend Chase Bauer recorded this series of mind-training slogans, narrated by students of the Middle Way School. There are many resources available for the further study of this subject, many of which can be drawn on for conversations and lessons with children.

Index of the student-narrated Mind Training Slogans we have published so far:

Lojong Slogan #20: Of the two witnesses, hold the principal one
Lojong Slogan #21: Always maintain a joyful mind
Lojong Slogan #26: Don’t Ponder Others
Lojong Slogan #28: Abandon any hope of fruition
Lojong Slogan #32: Don’t wait in ambush
Lojong Slogan #34: Don’t transfer the ox’s load to the cow
Lojong Slogan #36: Don’t act with a twist
Lojong Slogan #38: Don’t seek others’ pain as the limbs of your own happiness

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