Lojong Slogan #36: Don’t act with a twist


Lojong Slogan #36: Don’t act with a twist

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Summary A short video of a student explaining what this mind-training slogan by Atisha means to him.


Don’t act with a twist. What does it mean? See how Sequoia, a student at MWS, unpacks slogan #36 in our ongoing series of students explaining Atisha’s lojong slogans. This slogan has to do with being honest about our intentions, not hiding ulterior motives, and learning to recognize how deceptive our minds are when we try to make sure that things do work out for our own benefit. 

Pema Chodron explains in The Compassion Book”  that, “Acting with a twist means having an ulterior motive of benefiting yourself. It’s the sneaky approach. For instance, in order to get what you want for yourself, you may temporarily take the blame for something or help someone out.”

Judy Lief, in “Working with the Slogans of Atisha — A practical guide to leading a compassionate life” says, “When we do not act with a twist, our words and actions are not sticky. They are straightforward, with no hidden schemes attached.

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Video by Chase Bauer. 



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