Lojong Slogan #20: Of the two witnesses…


Lojong Slogan #20: Of the two witnesses…

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Summary A short video of a fourth grader explaining what this mind-training slogan by Atisha means to him.


Of the two witnesses, hold the principal one. What does it mean? Here Lowell, a 4th grader, explains HOW this slogan, which was developed centuries ago, is still relevant today. According to slogan number 20, if we really want feedback about how we are doing, we must rely on our own judgment. It can be unsettling to realize that no one else can ever really know what is going on with us. But it can also help us develop compassion for others, because we the acknowledge that we also can’t fully experience what they are experiencing. This level of understanding can lead to more harmonious relationships. We must learn how to be ok with aloneness and with that comes a deeper, more stable confidence.

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Video by Chase Bauer. 

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