Lojong Slogan #28: “Abandon any hope of fruition”


Lojong Slogan #28: “Abandon any hope of fruition”

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Summary A short video of a 5th grader explaining what this mind-training slogan by Atisha means. An example for what's possible when students are teachers.


Abandon any hope of fruition.” What does it mean? Let this 5th grader explain. Lojong Slogans are mind training tools developed based on the teachings of 9th c. Buddhist master, Atisha Dipankara. As part of MWE’s research, we have been exploring how students in the tween years relate to these trainings and we have been truly astounded by the depth of their understanding. During the Rites of Passage ceremonies we have been piloting at the Middle Way School of the Hudson Valley, we asked each student to choose a slogan, memorize it, recite it, then finally teach it back to the community. 

Our friend Chase Bauer recorded these pithy instructions and we will be publishing one every week or so along with some child-led meditation instruction from the second graders.

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