Nature Mandala Activity


Nature Mandala Activity

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Summary This simple nature mandala activity, inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh's Planting Seeds, invites children to connect with and contemplate the natural world.
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This activity is inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh’s book, Planting Seeds (available for purchase from Parallax Press).

Nature Mandala Activity

For each child:

1. Choose one object in the forest which you like a lot.

2. Take the time to look at the object

3. Describe a positive quality in this object: for example, this leaf is soft, smooth, etc…

4. Make a link between this quality and a quality you have in you


I love this leaf because it is very soft.

I love myself as I am soft just as this leaf…


I chose this stone because it has the shape of a heart,

Myself, I try also to have a good heart…

This allows children to connect to the elements of nature and to find in themselves the same positive resources which nature has to offer.

5. After presenting their “object” children place it into a “nature mandala” on the ground.


Another way of making a nature mandala is the following:

From the Lesson on Impermanence

Go for a walk, choose a place to sit, notice everything around you, make a mandala using objects around you, then take a gallery walk to see each other’s art works.

You could also do a Nature Mandala together as a group and then reflect on its impermanent quality.

See also: Rubin Museum’s Mandala Lab Activity

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