Songs and Songbook from Plum Village


Songs and Songbook from Plum Village

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There’s no better way to engage children (or adults, for that matter) than through music. Wake Up Songs is a YouTube channel dedicated to offering songs from the Plum Village community. Click the download button above for a songbook containing lyrics to all the songs in the playlist below, or check out their YouTube channel to see more songs, with lyrics accompanying each song.

As they explain on their YouTube page,

The songs on this channel are like dharma talks in miniature. For Thich Nhat Hanh, a Dharma talk is not a lecture, but a kind of rain. “Our consciousness is like the soil, the earth. We have to allow the Dharma talk to hydrate it. We have seeds of understanding, of awakening, and of compassion within ourselves. All the songs in this songbook aspire to offer the Dharma rain in such away that the seeds in us can be reached and can sprout and become flowers, the flower of understanding, the flower of compassion and so on.”

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