Ways to Celebrate the Lunar New Year


Ways to Celebrate the Lunar New Year

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Summary Activities, rituals, books, and art projects from the Middle Way School for learning about the Lunar New Year and planning your own celebrations. 
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Celebrating the Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is celebrated in the springtime by many Asian cultures including Bhutan, Tibet, China, Korea, and Vietnam. It goes by different names in those countries and sometimes even lands on different days. If you celebrated the New Year on January 1, think of this as a second chance for a fresh start. The themes of the celebrations are renewal, luck, health, and family and for many of these countries, it is the biggest event of the entire year. Everything shuts down for a few days and people gather, have picnics, visit family and friends, cook, eat, and make lots and lots of offerings. Some countries have parades and fireworks. See this excellent document from Samye Institute about how Tibetans traditionally celebrate Losar

At the Middle Way School teachers have been exploring ways to make this day feel very special for the children, something they look forward to all year. 

So far, each year they have invited the monks… 

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