EDUCATOR RESOURCE: Five Questions to Always Ask in Difficult Situations

Advice for how to communicate with children when negativity arises.

VIDEO: Just Breathe

This sweet video by Mindful Schools demonstrates the power of mindfulness for working with difficult emotions, as explained by kindergarten students at the Citizens of the World Charter School, in Mar Vista, CA.

ARTICLE: How to Raise an Emotionally Resilient Child

Emotional health, says parent coach Krissy Pozatek, means accepting the full range of human emotions, both the painful and the positive. For parents who wish their children nothing but happiness, that can be difficult.

ARTICLE: How to watch “Inside Out” and start talking about emotions with your kids

The hit film "Inside Out" will delight children and help them appreciate their emotions—even the difficult ones. Melissa Myozen Blacker offers tips for watching it together.
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