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Lessons includes all lesson plans, lesson materials, handouts, and assignments gathered by MWE and our contributors.

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WORKSHEET: The Basic Tenets of Buddhism

The fourth worksheet of a 9-part Buddhism Education Pack, drawing in the history of The Silk Road to teach about Buddhist history and culture. This worksheet covers the basic tenets of Buddhism.

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LESSON: 6 Points of Mindful Speaking and Listening (Part 2)

A power point presentation that guides students to engage in graffiti notes (notes in pictures, symbols, words, phrases) and other activities.

LESSON: Sharpening the Mind Through Logic Analysis

This lesson plan is based on the Japanese learning practices of traditional debate strategy, developing logical thinking, and experiencing non-duality.

HANDOUT: Motivation Prayer

This is a simple motivation prayer designed as a printable card. Print and give to students to recite at the...
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LESSON: 6 Points of Mindful Speaking and Listening (Part 1)

Exercises, PP and lesson to introduce children to practice of Mindful Speaking and Listening based on Chogyam Trungpa's 6 Points of Mindful Speech.
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