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Harmony Week Curriculum

May 6, 2019
A collection of lesson plans teaching equanimity, compassion, and awareness. Designed for Australia's Harmony Week, they can easily be adapted for a Buddhist classroom.

Opening Oranges

April 12, 2019
Teach mindfulness of the senses with a sweet, healthy treat.

Glossary of Buddhist Terms

January 18, 2019
A glossary of key Buddhist terms.

Six Points of Mindful Speaking and Listening

June 21, 2018
This Powerpoint presentation can be used to introduce children to practice of Mindful Speaking and Listening based on Chogyam Trungpa's 6 Points of Mindful Speech. As speaking and listening is a core function of education everywhere, this is an excellent way to bring more care, attention, and awareness to students' experience throughout the day.

Motivation Prayer

June 11, 2018
This is a simple motivation prayer designed as a printable card. Print and give to students to recite at the...
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International Dunhuang Project’s Buddhism Education Pack

February 28, 2018
This 9-part worksheet set from the International Dunhuang Project introduces basic Buddhist concepts and history to the classroom using source material from the British Library and other institutions.

The Plasma Ball

February 12, 2018
Using a plasma ball to discuss different ways to practice sati and samadhi, and the benefits and distractions of each method.

The King of the Keys

February 12, 2018
A game that gets students to practice mindful listening and mindful movement.

The Basic Tenets of Buddhism

February 11, 2018
The fourth worksheet of a 9-part Buddhism Education Pack, drawing in the history of The Silk Road to teach about Buddhist history and culture. This worksheet covers the basic tenets of Buddhism.