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HOME: The Dharma of Ice Cream, and Other Lessons for Little Kids

A few ways to bring Buddhism into the daily lives of your kids this summer—including, yes, with ice cream!

LESSON: Bubble Meditation

A lesson in mindfulness, patience, and impermanence using blowing bubbles.

LESSON PLAN: The Art of Service

This lesson guides students toward the practice of offering by running a pop-up restaurant.

EDUCATOR RESOURCE: MWE Checklist for Establishing a Buddhist School for Children

A practical checklist for starting a Buddhist school, from defining your vision to recruiting students and hiring staff.

LESSON PLAN: Harmony Week Curriculum

A collection of lesson plans teaching equanimity, compassion, and awareness. Designed for Australia's Harmony Week, they can easily be adapted for a Buddhist classroom.

ARTICLE: A new model for family-centered dharma communities

Sumi Loundon Kim presents criteria for dharma programs that support both parents and children.

ARTICLE: Establishing a Daily Rhythm

Establishing a good daily rhythm in a classroom offers consistency, structure, and support for both kids and educators. Here's how it's done at Alaya Preschool.

VIDEO: Plum Village Pebble Meditation

Thich Nhat Hanh’s beautiful meditation for all ages, reminds us of our flower freshness, mountain solidity, water reflective clarity and spacious freedom.

ARTICLE: Understanding Khanti

Panyaden International School on the importance of cultivating patient endurance—for kids and grownups alike.

LESSON: Opening Oranges

Teach mindfulness of the senses with a sweet, healthy treat.