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Summary Simple yoga poses for kids ages 3–7 to practice throughout the day, for energy in the morning, focus during the day, and calm when they need a break.
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Anytime Yoga: Fun and Easy Exercises for Concentration and Calm
By Ulrika Dezé
Ages 3-7

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Join Kika and her little monkey Yazoo as they introduce 14 simple yoga poses for kids. Each pose in this book includes easy-to-follow instructions and will show kids how yoga can help them relax, develop focus, and increase their sense of well-being. Organized by “Awake,” “Focus,” “Energy,” and “Resting” poses, you can tailor the series to help kids start moving in the mornings, increase concentration at school and before homework, or relax after a long day. Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour, the series of poses are adaptable and can be done with just one kid or in a larger classroom setting. The book also includes four guided meditations that can be read aloud to complement the yoga practices.

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