Bubble Meditation for Practicing Mindfulness and Patience


Bubble Meditation for Practicing Mindfulness and Patience

About This Resource

Summary A lesson in mindfulness, patience, and impermanence using blowing bubbles.


This lesson is designed for classroom use, but can be easily adapted into a fun, simple home activity.

Lesson Plan: Bubble Meditation
Grade level: K-4; Age range: 5-9
Time: 10-20 minutes
Tasks: mindfulness, patience, listening mindfully, looking mindfully, and discussion.


  • A tube of bubbles


  1. Set the atmosphere by playing music and sitting in a circle.
  2. Begin with a defreeze activity.
  3. Inform the children, “In a moment, we will be using only our ears and eyes. Our ears will be listening to the music and our eyes will be watching some bubbles. Our hands will be in our laps.” Repeat throughout if necessary.
  4. Explain that it is important we are kind to the bubbles and that we should allow the bubbles to go up (rise) and then come down (or fall) and pop when they are ready. Let’s try hard to use only our eyes and ears and our hands in our laps.
  5. Slowly place the bubble tube in front of you. Take a few breaths and hold the bubble tube. Take a few breaths and open the bubble tube.
  6. Blow a single bubble. Allow the children to watch it with their eyes.
  7. Once popped, take a few breaths and blow another single bubble. Do this as long as the children are calm and focused.
  8. Once finished, slowly and mindfully put the bubbles away.
  9. Finish with some mindful movements if the children are able to.
  10. Reflect on who wanted to pop the bubbles. Who did pop the bubbles. Who didn’t pop the bubbles.



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