LESSON: Learning the 2-Point Posture

LESSON: Learning the 2-Point Posture

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Summary A guide to teaching children the 2-point meditation posture.
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Learning Objective

Children become familiar with the 2-point posture


What is Meditation, WMRI website, Session 1, 2 min

Experiment: Have a glass filled with water, put it on a table.

Ask: What will happen if I shake the glass? (The water will spill.)

The cup is like our body, the water like our mind.

If our body is still, our mind will become still.

Ask children to sit as if they were the glass being shaken.

How does it feel to sit in a slouched way? Can you think clearly if your body is not straight?

Guided practice

Now sit up straight and gently roll your shoulders back, so that your chest is open and you can breathe easily. Sit like a King or a Queen on a throne.

Pretend there is a string from your head to the sky pulling you up.

The rest of your body is relaxed and loose.


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