Interview: “The Sacred Work of Sandra Cisneros”

Interview: “The Sacred Work of Sandra Cisneros”

Angélica Paljor wrote this interview with Sandra Cisneros published in August, 2022 on Lion’s Roar entitled, “The Sacred Work of Sandra Cisneros.” The author speaks candidly about her own struggles, and how writing has been a practice that has helped transform them. An essential ingredient in Buddhist education is seeing how others integrate their view and practice into their work, art, and lives. Cisneros' example is vital as students work on developing their own voice, and considering how their view and self-expression are inextricable.

Be the Refuge: Raising the Voices of Asian American Buddhists

Chenxing Han contributes a dynamic and eloquent voice in modern Buddhist discourse. Her writing, workshops, and other initiatives are shifting perspectives in ways that support the future of Buddhism. In this, her first book, she "offers an illuminating analysis of the intersection of race and privilege within American Buddhist communities.” (Publishers Weekly ​starred review)

Listening to the Buddhists in Our Backyard

This initiative, co-created by high school students and faculty at Phillips Andover Academy in Massachusetts, might inspire teachers to link their classrooms to their local Buddhist communities. Through active engagement, the students were guided to explore the Buddhist resources and traditions that were flourishing around their campus community. They presented their findings in this thoughtful presentation.

Family Sundays: Measure Me

From the Rubin Museum: An art project aimed at measuring your own existence and reflecting on how you define yourself

84000 Mobile App for iOS & Android

84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha (, a global nonprofit initiative to translate and make freely available the 231,000 pages of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon, announces the launch of its much anticipated mobile app for iOS and Android. This marks the first app to market that presents a dynamic collection of teachings on the mind, straight from the source, for English-language users.