Book review: Discovering Buddhism


Book review: Discovering Buddhism

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Summary A clearly written and comprehensive introduction to the history, philosophy and culture of Buddhism, written by Dominique Side. Side’s book is an excellent resource for teachers, parents and teens interested in Buddhism. Originally written as a high school textbook for the British school system, it is easy to navigate and provides thought-provoking questions.


Most of the parents who send their children to the Middle Way School do not identify as Buddhists but they are curious and open and want to learn more. To introduce these parents to the history, philosophy and culture of Buddhism, we have long relied on a textbook for high school students in the UK that was written by Dominique Side, wishing that it was more readily available. We are so happy that she has now published this even more comprehensive and clear book. We highly recommend Discovering Buddhism for any dharma library.

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Dominique has also recently launched a robust website for teachers engaged in Buddhist education called Windows Into Buddhism.

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