Lojong Slogan #21: Always maintain a joyful mind

Tea Parties

Hosting tea parties is a fun way to engage children in the practice of serving and being served. This role-playing activity does require quite a bit of preparation and a minimum of 2 teachers/guides.

Book review: Discovering Buddhism

A clearly written and comprehensive introduction to the history, philosophy and culture of Buddhism, written by Dominique Side. Side’s book is an excellent resource for teachers, parents and teens interested in Buddhism. Originally written as a high school textbook for the British school system, it is easy to navigate and provides thought-provoking questions.

The Three Ways Of Listening

This simple lesson about the three ways of listening, based upon the classic "Three Defects of the Pot" teaching can be adapted for students of many ages as a playful way of exploring the connections between attitude and learning.

Secular Buddhism Podcast with Noah Rasheta

An accessible podcast series with 30-40 minute episodes that cover some of Buddhism's most basic tenets from a Zen Buddhist practitioner who is familiar with other traditions. Great for beginners and also seasoned practitioners. MWS often recommends this podcast for curious parents who enroll at the school with limited understanding of Buddhism.

Creating and Using Joy Jars with Children

Joy jars are a fun and effective way to bring awareness to moments that light children up and practice gratitude. This resource includes all the hows and whys, including science based research, prompts, materials to use, and other reflections.