Secular Buddhism Podcast with Noah Rasheta

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Secular Buddhism Podcast with Noah Rasheta

Secular Buddhism with Noah Rasheta

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Summary An accessible podcast series with 30-40 minute episodes that cover some of Buddhism's most basic tenets from a Zen Buddhist practitioner who is familiar with other traditions. Great for beginners and also seasoned practitioners. MWS often recommends this podcast for curious parents who enroll at the school with limited understanding of Buddhism.
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This accessible podcast has been instrumental in helping orient newcomers to Buddhism in the Middle Way community, and also has helped dispel concerns and misunderstandings that may have formed. The community that builds around a Buddhist school often includes many people who do not identify as Buddhist and while they may be curious and open, they need resources to help them become more familiar. The title “Secular Buddhism” might seem like it is an attempt to water down Buddhism but we have found that Noah Rasheta ably plumbs the teachings for those ideas and concepts that are most natural and easily relatable without stripping away the Buddhist aspects. Rasheta brings in stories and quotes to help illuminate subjects such as impermanence, compassion, emptiness and so on.

Recommendation: Start at the very beginning of the podcast and listen to the first 4 episodes then scan the episode guide for titles that interest you.

MWE Education is committed to sharing a diversity of resources from across the Buddhist world. For those interested in considering the relative strengths and challenges of both secular and classical Buddhism, this article by our advisor Bhikku Bodhi is a great starting point.

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