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MWE’s video page includes teachings, talks, and fun educational videos.

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VIDEO: Learning Tibetan Consonants

Teach the Tibetan consonants with this fun, colorful video.

VIDEO: Khandro Rinpoche on Guiding The Next Generation

Khandro Rinpoche gives advice to parents and any adult guiding children in developing discriminating wisdom.

VIDEO: How to Understand the Mind

Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche, talks with Bodhi Kids founder Maya van der Meer about how to explain the mind to an 8-year-old child.

VIDEO: Timelapses

Below are three beautiful timelapse videos, which are great for teaching children about change and impermanence.

VIDEO: Watching the Breath with Mingyur Rinpoche

A short talk by Mingyur Rinpoche on how to meditate on the breath.

VIDEO: Just Breathe

This sweet video by Mindful Schools demonstrates the power of mindfulness for working with difficult emotions, as explained by kindergarten students at the Citizens of the World Charter School, in Mar Vista, CA.

VIDEO: Play’s the thing, says Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche addresses a group of kids. Watch the video and read the transcript here.

VIDEO: “Changes” by Lewes New School

A sweet song and collaboration that engages students with music.
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