Reflections on running a Parallel Camp

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Reflections on running a Parallel Camp

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Summary A discussion of important ideas and considerations when setting up and running a parallel camp, based on an interview with Deer Park camp organizer, Mr. Budhi Singh (Trilok).


Reflections on running a Parallel Camp
An Interview with Camp Organizer Trilok 

The following notes on running a camp parallel to adult Dharma events and teachings come from an interview with Mr. Budhi Singh (Trilok) who is the Ecology Project Coordinator at Deer Park Institute in Bir. Trilok ran a camp during October and November of 2022 during empowerments and teachings taking place at DCKLI in Chauntra.  While the notes are generated from one specific event, this summary is organized to learn from this experience, when designing future parallel camps for children. These reflections are all in Trilok’s ideas. 

During the interview, Trilok discussed the importance of flexibility, creating the atmosphere for students, the experience of building a mandala, essential elements of the daily routine, welcoming students, giving instructions, guiding discussions, playing games for practicing awareness, embedding Dharma concepts into the instruction, setting clear rules and agreements, recruiting students, choosing the site, considering staffing, and encouraging professional development.

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If you have run or helped out with a parallel camp yourself, and are willing to share your experience, please let us know by reaching out to [email protected]

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