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Summary A downloadable poster of mudras (hand signs) connected to the traditional 8 offerings with aspirations for each one along with some lesson ideas.


At Middle Way children have been experimenting with the embodied practice of mudras or hand signs. We began with the traditional 8 offerings and included aspirations for each one. The children really love this practice and it openes the door to bigger conversations about offering. Sometimes during oral story telling, we invite the children to do certain mudras, such as when Queen Maya returned to the palace with her newborn Siddhartha, everyone welcomed her with nourishing water and food, and the palace was decorated with flowers and candles. They washed her feet and the baby’s feet and anointed them with scented water. Incense curled around the pillars and music played. Then we ask: What are some other things we can offer? And the children made up their own mudras.

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