LESSON: Watching the Breath

A guided meditation using the breath as an anchor, plus classroom reflection and a nifty handout.

BOOKS: List of Books for Children and Youth

A List of Books for Children on Buddhism, Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga and Zen.

LESSON: Learning the 7-Point Posture

A guide to teaching children the 7-point posture of Vairochana, complete with some fun games to help them remember.

AUDIO: Meditating with Your Child

A talk for parents with advice on how to meditate with their children.

VIDEO: Watching the Breath with Mingyur Rinpoche

A short talk by Mingyur Rinpoche on how to meditate on the breath.

ARTICLE: A Day at Saraha Children’s School

A peek at the daily life of a Buddhist school in Eugene, Oregon.

LESSON: Bubble Meditation

A fun and simple meditation using blowing bubbles.

ARTICLE: How to Practice Metta with Children

You’re never too young to practice loving-kindness. Gail Silver on how to teach metta to your kids.

AUDIO: Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche Teaches on the 7 Points of Mind Training

In Mexico City in 2016, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche taught on the 7 Points of Mind Training. Listen to the teachings here.

AUDIO: The Clever Fox—a guided meditation for kids

Kids meditation story "The Clever Fox"—a 20-minute guided meditation for children
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