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Articles offer insight, information, and first-person perspectives on Buddhist education, in order to inspire and inform educators and parents. Some are original to Middle Way Education, and others have been submitted by contributors across our global network.

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Let’s Try Something New: Lessons Learned from a Buddhist Preschool

December 16, 2020
Deborah McNamara explores the principles of Contemplative Parenting as shared by Alaya Preschool, and reflects on how they relate to her experiences as a parent.

My Experience with Abiding Heart Education’s Child Development Course

November 20, 2020
"Child Development from Birth to Rebirth," now offered online, took me on a journey of self-discovery and inquiry, through lectures on Buddhism, developmental science, meditation and medicine, arts and dance.

A glimpse into the Abiding Heart Kindergarten Curriculum

November 6, 2020
Many of you who have read about the Abiding Heart Education kindergarten teacher training course might still be wondering what the richness and fullness of this course involves. In this post we would like to offer a glimpse into the content of the kindergarten curriculum that trainees learn how to teach. This document was created by the Abiding Heart staff.

Middle Way Education’s Thematic Units Overview

October 21, 2020
Middle Way Education organizes the academic year by 8 thematic units, drawn from traditional Buddhist practice and study that seem most fertile for student inquiry.

Middle Way Education: The Five Domains of Learning

October 21, 2020
Middle Way Education's five domains of learning balance Sciences; Humanities; Arts; Embodiment; and Contemplation.

How to Create a Dharma Culture at Home

October 9, 2020
We asked Sumi Loundon Kim for her thoughts on building a culture of dharma in the home, and she wrote us this delightful article. Sumi explores how to use sacred spaces, the five senses, and personal composure with specific examples drawn from her life experiences as a child and as a parent.

The Power of Teaching Lineage

September 16, 2020
Who taught you to read or use scissors? Noa Jones, Executive Director of the Middle Way Education, on the value of teaching children about lineage, and how to do it in the classroom.

The Need to Belong

July 1, 2020
Reflections on what it means to foster a sense of belonging in children.

My Experience Teaching English in Nepal (Part II)

June 26, 2020
The second in a series of blog posts about my personal experience teaching English at the Maratika Monastery in Nepal.