Conversations about Cause and Effect

February 26, 2018
Summer reflects on how she speaks to her own children about karma and the six realms of existence.

A Day at Saraha Children’s School

February 14, 2018
A peek at the daily life of a Buddhist school in Eugene, Oregon.

The Plasma Ball

February 12, 2018
Using a plasma ball to discuss different ways to practice sati and samadhi, and the benefits and distractions of each method.

Sleeping Chicks

February 12, 2018
This lesson in sati, samadhi, and imagination has children treat an egg shaker as if a chick was asleep inside.

Pass the Rubber Band

February 12, 2018
A quick game that challenges students to practice focus, patience, and mindful movement.

The King of the Keys

February 12, 2018
A game that gets students to practice mindful listening and mindful movement.

Sitting Still Like a Frog Practices

February 11, 2018
The audio exercises included with Sitting Still Like a Frog are based on mindfulness-training exercises for adults and developed especially for children and their parents.

Playlist: A Basket of Plums

February 11, 2018
This playlist of songs for cultivating mindfulness comes from the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

The Clever Fox: A Guided Meditation for Children

February 9, 2018
Kids meditation story "The Clever Fox"—a 20-minute guided meditation for children

A Contributor’s Favorite Books for Children

April 30, 2017
A List of Books for Children on Buddhism, Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga and Zen.