Morning Aspiration for Teachers

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Morning Aspiration for Teachers

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Summary Teachers at the Middle Way School of the Hudson Valley draw inspiration from this morning prayer co-written by MWE and Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.


Setting aspirations with staff each day is a powerful way to remind ourselves why we do this work of education. It also helps strengthen a sense of community. Feel free to use this aspiration or adapt it for your own school environment. The calligraphy was done by Barbara Bash.

Morning Aspiration

Recognizing that countless causes and conditions brought us here together, we take our seats as teachers and guides with an attitude of humility. 

Rousing our wisdom and compassion may we help inspire our students’ own awakened qualities. By dedicating ourselves to remaining present, aware, and kind, may we help them see beyond mere appearances. 

May they play confidently in the display of phenomena, firm against the winds of circumstance. 

May they teach us. 

And may this activity benefit all sentient beings.

Here is a Google Doc version of the prayer.

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