Morning Aspiration for Teachers

August 8, 2022
Teachers at the Middle Way School of the Hudson Valley draw inspiration from this morning prayer co-written by MWE and Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.

What Qualities to Look for in a Buddhist Educator

July 8, 2021
When hiring teachers for a Buddhist school, credentials are not necessarily the most important thing—nor is being a "good" Buddhist. Here's what to look for instead.

Orientation Program at the Middle Way School

November 2, 2020
An example of an orientation day at the Middle Way School. The details vary from year to year, but this example from our model school gives a glimpse into what this looked like in 2020.

Compassion in Education: Kristin Lhatso at MWS

April 30, 2018
Audio recording of Kristin Lhatso sharing her thoughts and research on Compassion in Education with a group of MWS parents, teachers, and friends.

On Peace as Ground and Motivation

February 14, 2018
A reflection on iconography as a source of inspiration and aspiration at the Saraha Children's School.