Book Review: Sit with Me


Book Review: Sit with Me

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Summary Sit with Me is our go-to book during the first weeks of school. Carolyn Kanjuro's delightful rhyming verses invite children of all ages to learn the seven points of posture. The character Justa Bug describes posture–from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet–with a spine straight like coins stacked on a plate and shoulders back like a vulture in flight.


Sit with Me: Meditation For Kids In Seven Easy Steps

By Carolyn Kanjuro
Illustrated by Nan Lawson

Carolyn Kanjuro’s “Sit with Me” won the first Bala Kids/Khyentse Foundation Children’s Book Award and for good reason. The book, written in rhyme, is a delightful way to teach children the classic seven points of posture for meditation. It connects very well with MWE’s Taking Your Seat thematic unit, which is how we recommend starting out the school year or beginning a camp. Gillian Eames, the preschool teacher at the Middle Way School in New York put the text to music with great effect. Hear the song in the video at the bottom of this post.

Kelly Peck, the school’s movement and SEL teacher introduced the book to her grade 1 and 2 class during a transition from recess into the classroom, showing them one of the book’s images of the posture. “I have taught the 7 point posture in many different ways over the years during Movement and Yoga classes.” she said. Her students appreciated the imagery and clear expectations. “The illustrations showed that it’s ok for the body to experience some natural discomfort while learning the movement. As we practice we will get stronger and have more patience to sit. The students were eager to try each point in order. The next time I read the whole book through and the students more methodically focused on each point as they came up in the book. By the end, most of the students were settled and focused on their cushions, ready to learn. In the days that followed, I heard them going over the order and practicing with their friends. I also received feedback from a parent that their child was teaching them at home. It is so rewarding as a teacher to know that the way information is being communicated has this type of positive outcome and connection.”

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