Book Review: “I See You, Buddha!”


Book Review: “I See You, Buddha!”

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Summary A beautifully illustrated book about bowing that broadens the conventional understanding of why we make this gesture.


We read this book to several of the classes at the Middle Way School and it was transformative for both teachers and students. While some cultures are comfortable bowing, many in the west can be uneasy. What does it mean? Why are we doing this? Am I making myself subservient to another? This book clears away any questions and leaves children eager to bow to even a tree. Bowing here is a way of saying, I see your goodness. Interestingly there is even a suggestion that we can bow at sickness and struggles. If we look closely enough, we can see these conditions are our teachers as well. Beautifully illustrated by Demi, and with text by John Bartok. 

Available via Wisdom Publications

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