Practice for Saving the Lives of Animals


Practice for Saving the Lives of Animals


Practice for saving the lives of animals

This activity is included in the Unit Plan on the Law of Cause and Effect.


You can save the life of birds, fishes, worms (usually used for fishing) or any other animal.

  • You can make a wish for the animal :

“May you be well, may you be happy. May you be a human being in   your next   life.”

You can also chant a mantra , e.g. OM MANI PADME HUNG.

  • After that blow gently on the body of the animal(s).
  • If you have blessed water (with saffron), add some on the animals’ body. You can also give a bit of food.
  • Scatter the flower petals over the animals.
  • You can take the animal round a sacred building (stupa, temple) or simply put it in front of a Buddha statue (a few minutes is enough).
  • Finally: free the animal in a safe place (wherever is appropriate)

Photo by Virginia State Parks. License CC BY 2.0.

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