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MWE celebrates the power of the written word to ignite the imagination and bring clarity. From time to time we will review books that touch upon themes of education and dharma. Some of these books are for children, some are for adults. We also welcome recommendations from our users.

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Review of Where’s Buddha?

January 6, 2020
Where's Buddha offers children a reminder that any time, any place, and in any situation, you can uncover the qualities of the Buddha: calm, mindful, joyful, and aware. 

“All over the world”—Review of Whoever You Are

December 5, 2019
Whoever You Are is a beautifully illustrated message about the interconnections between human beings.

“Chasing pigeons was Ziji’s favourite thing”—Review of Ziji: The Puppy Who Learned to Meditate

December 5, 2019
Ziji: The Puppy Who Learned to Meditate offers simple and clear meditation instructions for kids (and adults) framed around a sweet story about a puppy and family.

“I can’t draw”—Review of The Dot

December 4, 2019
A sweet, inspiring story about cutting through narrow limiting concepts about art and creativity.

Review of Breathing Makes It Better

November 6, 2019
Breathing Makes It Better was written to help children aged 3–6 learn to work with difficult emotions using mindfulness, awareness, and breathing.

Review of Everything Is Connected

November 6, 2019
This sweet book for ages 4-8 takes us on a whimsical tour through all the connections between every single thing in the universe—from people to blobfish to chairs and atoms. 

Teaching With Bravery: Meditation and Heart Advice for Teachers

January 10, 2019
Teachers are often overwhelmed, undervalued, and disempowered in their roles. At the same time, they are uniquely situated to influence the lives of young people and even to change the world. This book offers a new vision for teachers as the architects of a more compassionate society, as well as methods to engage with teaching as a journey of self-realization.

Sally Devorsine’s “Now I Know” Storybooks Offer Sage Advice for Kids

September 17, 2018
A glimpse behind the scenes of a beautiful series of Buddhist children's books, each based on one of the Eight Verses of Mind Training written by the 11th century Tibetan Buddhist master Langri Thangpa.

Review of Wide Awake

September 10, 2018
Wide Awake is a clear and direct introductory guide to Buddhism, written for teens and young adults.