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Welcome to Middle Way Education’s Resources page. Here you’ll find a selection of resources created by MWE and other contributors from around the world. Do you have something to share? Wish to become a contributor? We welcome submissions and encourage you to contact us.

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Book Review: “I See You, Buddha!”

December 5, 2022
A beautifully illustrated book about bowing that broadens the conventional understanding of why we make this gesture.

Lojong Slogan #20: Of the two witnesses…

November 29, 2022
A short video of a fourth grader explaining what this mind-training slogan by Atisha means to him.

Book Review: The Hero of Compassion

November 26, 2022
An inspiring book by Harry Einhorn, who is a composer, artist, meditation instructor and MWE dharma learning specialist. Published by Bala Kids, this book is a simple story that describes the aspirations and activities of Lokeshvara, and how he came to have a thousand arms and eyes.

Lojong Slogan #32: Don’t Wait in Ambush

November 13, 2022
Don’t wait in ambush. What does it mean? Here Bella, a 6th grader at MWS, will explain slogan number 32...
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