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Welcome to Middle Way Education’s Resources page. Here you’ll find a selection of resources created by MWE and other contributors from around the world. Do you have something to share? Wish to become a contributor? We welcome submissions and encourage you to contact us.

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Q&A with Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche at The Middle Way School

August 11, 2021
Rinpoche visited The Middle Way School for the first time in July 2021 and it was a joyous occasion for all involved. “I’m very happy with what is happening here,” he said to an audience of teachers and families.

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Be the Refuge: Raising the Voices of Asian American Buddhists

July 4, 2022
Chenxing Han contributes a dynamic and eloquent voice in modern Buddhist discourse. Her writing, workshops, and other initiatives are shifting perspectives in ways that support the future of Buddhism. In this, her first book, she "offers an illuminating analysis of the intersection of race and privilege within American Buddhist communities.” (Publishers Weekly ​starred review)

Family Sundays: Yawning Yeti

October 26, 2021
From the Rubin Museum: A tactile exploration of Himalayan indigenous folklore through sculpting your very own Yawning Yeti

Family Sundays: Wakeful Wanderings

October 26, 2021
From the Rubin Museum: An art project aimed at generating self-reflection and mindfulness

Family Sundays: Measure Me

October 26, 2021
From the Rubin Museum: An art project aimed at measuring your own existence and reflecting on how you define yourself