Book Review: “I See You, Buddha!”

Book Review: The Hero of Compassion

An inspiring book by Harry Einhorn, who is a composer, artist, meditation instructor and MWE dharma learning specialist. Published by Bala Kids, this book is a simple story that describes the aspirations and activities of Lokeshvara, and how he came to have a thousand arms and eyes.

Taking Your Seat

This MWE unit plan outlines a wide range of lessons and activities that teachers can use to begin a new year or a new cycle, and to and support students with the process of settling into something new with awareness of their own intentions. In this thematic unit students are invited to be present, find their place in the community, and appreciate how awareness can bring dignity and spaciousness to any endeavor.

Book Review: Sophie Learns to Be Brave

Roshi Joan Halifax wrote Sophie Learns to Be Brave about a young girl and her encounters with a dog who teaches her friendship, presence, loss, and bravery. Sophie and the old dog cross paths in the midst of a wild storm. A mantra helps Sophie through her fears and can help readers through theirs.


A downloadable poster of mudras (hand signs) connected to the traditional 8 offerings with aspirations for each one along with some lesson ideas.

The Three Ways Of Listening

This simple lesson about the three ways of listening, based upon the classic "Three Defects of the Pot" teaching can be adapted for students of many ages as a playful way of exploring the connections between attitude and learning.

Creating and Using Joy Jars with Children

Joy jars are a fun and effective way to bring awareness to moments that light children up and practice gratitude. This resource includes all the hows and whys, including science based research, prompts, materials to use, and other reflections.