Dharma Teaching for Kids

Family Sundays: Mandala Lab

October 26, 2021
From the Rubin Museum: An engaging art project in mandala making with the aim of exploring our emotions

Family Sundays: Dissolving Fears

October 26, 2021
From the Rubin Museum: An art project to explore letting go of fear and attachment

Newly-released Blue Lion Album brings dharma to children through music

March 8, 2021
Simon Thomas talks about the just-released Blue Lion Album, the Dharma Kids Collective, and what makes quality Buddhist resources for children.

Compassion & Life Release with Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

August 7, 2018
Discussing compassion and putting it into action with children during Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche.

Motivation Prayer

June 11, 2018
This is a simple motivation prayer designed as a printable card. Print and give to students to recite at the beginning of...
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Why Do We Need a New Model of Education?

May 11, 2018
Kristin Lhatso and Noa Jones briefly summarize why a new model of Buddhist education for children is necessary. They articulate much of what Middle Way Education aims to achieve, and why.

Compassion in Education: Kristin Lhatso at MWS

April 30, 2018
Audio recording of Kristin Lhatso sharing her thoughts and research on Compassion in Education with a group of MWS parents, teachers, and friends.

Dedication Prayer

February 10, 2018
This is a simple dedication prayer designed as a printable card. Print and give to students so they can dedicate their practice...
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Sitting Together: A Mindfulness Curriculum for the Whole Family

September 7, 2017
This three-volume set provides a complete curriculum for adults and children to learn about mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhist teachings together, either in the home, in partnership with other families, or with a local center.

The Mindful Families Website

August 3, 2017
Mindful Families offers a wealth of materials for bringing mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhism to parenting and education.