Teaching With Bravery Online Course


Teaching With Bravery Online Course

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Summary Self-paced online course that guides the teacher in developing a unified practice of meditation and teaching.
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This self-paced course includes over 20 videos.  Each is generally under 20 minutes long; included are short talks and guided meditation sessions.  The meditations in particular can be used many times to help in developing familiarity with the practices.  The course comprises 4 units. The first, Teaching With Humanity emphasizes the need for trust, care, and vulnerability in both our teaching lives and meditation practice. Teaching Like a Mountain introduces principles of mindfulness and presence, and gives instruction and guidance in calm-abiding meditation. Teaching Like a River explores the centrality of connection in the learning relationship, and offers practices for opening the heart and genuine listening. Finally, Teaching Like the Sun recognizes the immense challenge of teaching in today’s world and offers 4 modes of bravery for meeting those challenges, as well as a practice for activating bravery on the spot.