Tergar Ösel Ling Center for Transformative Learning, Nepal

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Tergar Ösel Ling Center for Transformative Learning

Where Nepal
Founder and Spiritual Lead Ven. Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
Lineage Kagyu/Nyingma

Email: tergaroselling@gmail.com
Website: https://www.yongeyfoundation.org/osel-ling-project


Ösel Ling’s thriving monks train in the broad range of philosophical and meditative practices of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The unique approach of Ösel Ling’s monastic college brings together philosophical inquiry and meditative experience. Balancing theory and practice, the monks who attend the college study the classic philosophical treatises of the Buddhist tradition, while grounding their studies in the practice of meditation.

Mingyur Rinpoche’s vision for Tergar Ösel Ling is to provide a school for approximately 200 underprivileged boys and girls from the surrounding regions, a college of Buddhist philosophy (shedra) for 300 to 400 monks, a shrine hall for teachings and ceremonies, and a learning center for international students.

Mingyur Rinpoche’s educational worldview is to provide learning that supports children’s inner development. Rinpoche believes that learning needs to be a joyful experience so it can cultivate in children a lifelong love of acquiring knowledge. The curriculum rests on an experiential Buddhist worldview using aspects of Waldorf education to bring together dharma and secular holistic education.

The primary school will offer classes for children grades 1-8. There will also be a kindergarten for the little ones. The college (shedra) will offer a 12-year curriculum for monastics, and the international learning center will begin by offering a 3-month study curriculum that will gradually be extended to 3-4 years. Students who choose will have the opportunity to take temporary or full ordination. Rinpoche’s unique vision for Ösel Ling is to present a holistic approach by combining traditional education with contemplation and meditation. There will be a separate curriculum in Chinese and English for international students.

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