Lhomon Education

Mindfulness Camp for Bhutanese Teachers
5 Jun 2017

Lhomon Education Mindfulness Camp

Lhomon Education Mindfulness Camp for Bhutanese Educators took place at Jigme Namgyal Polytechnic, January 5-12, 2013, in Dewathang, southeastern Bhutan. Forty people from across Bhutan participated in the retreat, which was lead by Paravi Wongchirachai of Thailand and Jamyang Choden of Berlin and Bartsham.

Lhomon Education is dedicated to providing opportunities for Bhutanese teachers to become more well-rounded, self-aware, creative, inspired “influencers” (to use our founder Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche’s word) in the classroom. As Krishnamurti said, “The true teacher is not he who has built up an impressive educational organization, nor he who is an instrument of the politicians, nor he who is bound to an ideal, a belief or a country. The true teacher is inwardly rich…”Read more about the retreat on the LME blog: sjieducation.blogspot.com/

Lhomon Education receives funding from Khyentse Foundation


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