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Middle Way Education helps parents, educators, and school leaders introduce the timeless wisdom of the dharma to students in creative, age-appropriate ways through a variety of products and services.

Global Resources

The MWE Resource Hub is an open source platform for Buddhist parents and teachers to both access and share materials—including frameworks, lesson plans, articles, book reviews and other materials. Search and browse through hundreds of resources by topic or audience.

MWE Curriculum

MWE invests in the ongoing research, development and distribution of high-quality, scoped and sequenced materials and theoretical frameworks that have been informed and inspired by educators, neuroscientists, and practitioners and lineage holders from across the Buddhist world.

Living Models

The Middle Way School of the Hudson Valley (MWS) is a pre-K to 6th grade independent school registered with the State of New York. MWS is a living model of what is possible when the dharma is introduced to children in a thoroughly modern environment. MWE’s partnership with MWS is ongoing and we are now partnering with several new projects in Asia and South America.

Dharma Education Network

We invite all those working at the intersection of dharma and children’s education to be included in our directory of Buddhist education programs worldwide. Together we can build capacity and share resources. The network can be searched by contributors, organizations, and monastic institutions.

Our Advisory Services

MWE has institutional partners in Nepal, Thailand, Brazil, and elsewhere. We are working to support launching new schools and programs by analyzing the needs and opportunities of each project, adapting the MWE model, identifying compatible frameworks from other Buddhist education initiatives, and fostering connections between stakeholders. This service is tailored precisely to the activity and needs of each partner. Contact us for information on pricing and availability.

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If you have any questions or ideas about our resources or network, please email [email protected]

If you have any questions or ideas about models or advisory services, please email [email protected]

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