precious human birth

Dharma Craft Projects to do at Home

April 26, 2020
A selection of craft projects that can provide children with a tactile, engaging connection to the dharma. 

Turtle Treasure Tray Craft Project

March 26, 2020
Make and use a Turtle Treasure Tray to explore idea of life being precious and rare.

Birthdays at the Middle Way School

October 30, 2019
At MWS, we are experimenting with birthday celebrations as a time to celebrate precious human birth. Here is a run-down of our current birthday ceremony.

The Buddha and Annanda Discuss Precious Human life

February 4, 2017
A class project on precious human birth by students and teachers at Lhomon Education, based on Shakyamuni Buddha's metaphor of the “Blind Turtle & Floating Log."