Kuan Yin

How Many Animals and Mythological Creatures Can You Find?

May 10, 2021
A companion activity to the book Kuan Yin: The Princess Who Became the Goddess of Compassion, this printout depicts a scene from the book and challenges children to find all of the animals represented in clothing, jewelry, furniture, and decorations.

Teaching History and Symbolism in Kuan Yin: The Princess Who Became the Goddess of Compassion

May 10, 2021
This key provides references with links to study the history depicted in Kuan Yin: The Princess Who Became the Goddess of Compassion.

Golden Dragon Activity

May 10, 2021
With this activity, children will learn that dragons are represented differently in world cultures. They will create a golden dragon twirler that represents their own compassionate wishes.

The Power of Love Is Always Available

May 7, 2021
Maya van der Meer talks about her new children's book that tells the story of Kuan Yin, the Buddhist deity of compassion.

Bodhisattvas and Avalokiteshvara

January 18, 2018
The eighth worksheet of a 9-part Buddhism Education Pack, drawing in the history of The Silk Road to teach about Buddhist history and culture. This worksheet explains the history of Avalokiteshvara and the principle of bodhisattvas.