basic goodness

Discovering Basic Goodness

February 26, 2020
This lessons offers students to understand and experience their basic goodness through different exercises and activities.

Song: You Are Enough

February 26, 2020
A song about being at home in your own skin.

Song: Sit Like a Buddha

February 26, 2020
A song about connecting with buddhanature through sitting.

Song: Sky Inside

February 26, 2020
A song for engaging with our basic goodness through the image of the open, blue sky inside us all.

“Who Am I Really?” Guided Contemplation

February 26, 2020
A short contemplation on the nature of our emotions and ourselves.

Meditation Using Sound

February 26, 2020
A guided sound meditation for children to connect with their bodies and their environment.

Middle Way School’s Communications Charter

March 22, 2019
Practical tips for organizational communications from Middle Way School's core team.

Finding the Balance Between Judgment and Boundaries

June 1, 2018
When we feel the urge to cast judgment on others—whether a child, a parent, or someone else in our community—instead of turning inward to protect ourselves, we can open up to those around us.

Compassion in Education: Kristin Lhatso at MWS

April 30, 2018
Audio recording of Kristin Lhatso sharing her thoughts and research on Compassion in Education with a group of MWS parents, teachers, and friends.

Alaya’s Principles of Practice

February 14, 2018
The Principles of Practice provide a direction and purpose to our work at Alaya Preschool, and perhaps even to our lives altogether.