40 Children’s Books that Teach Kindness

6 Ways to Stay Connected in a Space of Wisdom

The Middle Way School and the Rigpé Yeshé Children Programme got together to think about families around the globe who are adjusting to a whole new way of being together. They came up with a list of suggestions and activities to connect as a family, in a space of wisdom.

Short Film Project for Lhomon Education Students

Lhomon Education students made several short educational videos as part of their studies. The film project is a learning opportunity for students to think creatively, to have fun, to act and to work as a team. Watch their videos below.

Sacred Spaces at School and Home

Middle Way School's Noa Jones and Lama Karma Justin Wall share suggestions and contemplations on creating a sacred space at home or in school.

Making Mind Jars

This craft project is a very tangible way to give children (and adults!) an experience of mindfulness.

Turtle Treasure Tray

Make and use a Turtle Treasure Tray to explore idea of life being precious and rare.
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